The GoodHuman Methodology

Sep 4, 2021 | Non-Toxic, Sustainable Lifestyle, Transparency, Vetting

GoodHuman is your one-stop shop for sustainable products and ethical brands. Easily find and shop brands and products that are all vetted, all good, discover a feed of infinite sustainable inspiration tailored to your interests, and save money through discount codes for over 300 brands.

What makes a brand good? Well, it’s complicated, and no brand is perfect. But this isn’t the perfect human app. Each brand brings something different to the table, and some may have principles that matter more to you than others. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can make easier, more informed choices that align with YOUR values.

Here at GoodHuman, we follow a layered review process in four key areas to help us vet brands and curate products to share with our community.

1. Independent certification(s)
Not all certifications are created equal. Some apply to ingredients, some to materials, and some to business practices. Our research disqualified over 90% of them for credibility issues, but there are 16 that meet our standards. These include Certified B Corp, GOTS Certified, Fair Trade Certified, Leaping Bunny, WRAP Certified, and more. Read the full list of approved certifications here.

2. Clean Ingredients
Animal testing practices and toxic ingredients have no place on the GoodHuman app. The beauty and personal care products we feature must be cruelty-free, contain no harsh chemicals, and remain faithful to ethical and sustainable practices. We are committed to only sharing brands and products that honor the health of animals, humans, and the Earth. Read the full list of 23 banned ingredients here

3. Transparency Reporting
We research every brand’s public disclosures on materials, production processes, and practices. Do they have a sustainability report? Do they list their factories or production partners? Have they taken an open approach to sharing their process? This includes a deeper dive into a brand’s “what, why, and how.”

4. Gh Community Approval
Our users are hyper-passionate, with many working in the sustainability, clean ingredient and social impact spheres. They are our referees for helping curate the GoodHuman ecosystem and we welcome feedback on brands from any member of our community. We believe in brands that prioritize ethical production and human rights, create lasting products with lifecycles that are regenerative or sustainable, and employ and empower fair, diverse workforces.

We consider our methodology to be a constant work-in-progress. As we receive new information, we are not afraid to re-evaluate our process or the brands we have on our app. That’s why you are invited and encouraged to share your voice by participating in our community. You can do so by dropping into the community discussion room, submitting new brands or challenging existing brands, and providing suggestions for how we can continue to improve. We are working hard to have your back and will always welcome your input. 

Want to get involved?Download the GoodHuman appand become part of our community of change-makers.