The 6 Best Clean Beauty Brands for Care “Down There”

Mar 23, 2021 | Clean Beauty, Ethical Production, Non-Toxic, Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable Lifestyle, Sustainable period care

by Crystal Mendoza.

The vagina: what a wonderful, yet beautifully complex, work of art; the source of life and love (and sometimes pain). Whether it’s for menstruation, shaving, cleanliness, or even sexual intimacy, we must carefully evaluate the products we use “down there” for our own health and safety. 

According to MADE SAFE, the vagina can rapidly absorb chemicals without metabolizing them, making the selection process for feminine care products more imperative than ever. Luckily for us, the following 6 clean beauty brands have created products with the health of our lady parts in mind.

Foria Wellness
Price Range: $20 – $172
Why We Love Them: sustainable, non-toxic, ethical, sustainable packaging

Foria Wellness has created a unique CBD intimacy collection including tinctures, suppositories, lubricants, vape pens, bath salts, and capsules. Anxiety and stress can cause discomfort during sexual experiences which may lead to strained romantic relationships. Foria Wellness’s CBD products are designed to comfortably transition your body and mind into a state of arousal and intimacy (aka sexy time). 

The hemp is sourced from a Certified USDA Organic farm that is regenerative and pesticide-free. Additionally, they have collaborated with sustainability consultants to create low-impact packaging designed to enhance recyclability and reduce plastic pollution. An all-around feel good shopping experience!

Price Range: $16 – $145
Why We Love Them: Non-toxic, ethical, cruelty-free, vegan, women owned

Got a little bit of fur on your body? If you’re human, chances are, you do! Whether you shave, laser, wax, or bare it all… Fur has an assortment of ethical products that will align with your specific grooming habits. Their lineup includes body hair care (if you’ve got any), skincare, and ingrown hair prevention. 

All of Fur’s products are natural, cruelty-free, vegan, fragrance-free, and gluten-free, making them safe to use all over your body (even in the most intimate areas). And with Emma Watson’s nod of approval, what’s not to love about this clean beauty brand.

Breedlove Beauty Co.
Price range: $5 – $100
Why We Love Them: non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable packaging, women-owned, BIPOC-owned

For a minimalist approach to clean beauty, look no further than Breedlove Beauty Co. They offer a wide range of hand-made skincare and beauty products made from carefully chosen ingredients; no unnecessary fillers are added. Each item is 100% natural, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free.  

Their plant-based feminine wash (also available as a yoni soap bar) is specially formulated to cleanse and maintain the natural pH balance of the vagina. The wash prevents the growth of bacteria and yeast infections, protects sensitive skin from irritation, and is made without parabens, sulfates, detergents, or palm oil. Your lady parts will thank you!

The Honey Pot
Price Range: $2 – $36
Why We Love Them: sustainable, non-toxic, ethical, cruelty-free, vegan, women-owned, BIPOC-owned

The Honey Pot is a Black-owned feminine care company with a focus on menstruation and pregnancy products. The all-inclusive system aims to clean, protect, and balance the vagina using natural ingredients (no synthetics are ever used). 

Being a lady is already challenging enough; accessibility to pads and tampons should not be limited to the privileged few. Honey Pot declares that “all humans with vaginas deserve menstrual care” which is why they have partnered with Happy Period, an organization that donates feminine care products to low-income, homeless, or otherwise disadvantaged women.

Price Range: $15 – $115
Why We Love Them: sustainable, non-toxic, ethical, women-owned

Rael is a holistic period care company designed for women, by women. The product line includes pads, tampons, reusables, heating pads, washes, and wipes that are non-toxic, sustainable, and backed by science. Rael believes you should never have to choose between natural products and efficacy; you can have both!

Available in 19 countries, Rael is working on a mission to provide access to period care for women everywhere, including a partnership with Happy Period. But the social impact doesn’t end there; Rael will donate a period product to a woman in need for every Instagram photo posted with the hashtag #HappyPeriodsForAll.

Price Range: $2 – $39
Why We Love Them: Sustainable, non-toxic, ethical, cruelty-free, GOTS Certified, Certified B Corporation, Leaping Bunny

Cora is a Certified B Corp that provides customers with customizable period and bladder care items, including pads, tampons, liners, period underwear, cups, heat relief, and more. Each product is made with ethical standards in mind, resulting in GOTS and Leaping Bunny certifications. 

Customers who have transitioned to Cora’s reusable products have saved 14,000 single-use products from filling up landfills. A portion of proceeds from each monthly supply purchased goes towards providing feminine care products and health education to girls in developing countries experiencing “period poverty.”

Looking for some more sustainable inspiration? Check out the GoodHuman app where you can find more clean beauty products that meet all your feminine care needs!

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