Slow Living Soul

Jul 19, 2020 | Ethical Production, Sustainable Fashion

Jen Griswold is a Los Angeles based social media marketer, mother, and conscious closet queen. Through her dreamy feed filled with warm hues and soft tones, Jen has built a community of followers who turn to her for advice on everything between parenthood, conscious style, trends, design, and more. We wanted to dig deeper and get to know more about Jen’s thoughts on what prevents people from making the jump into a sustainably led life.

“First off, we are a society of consumerism and we are conditioned to buy, and buy fast. New styles are added so fast to retail sites as trends come and go just as fast,” Jen says. Brands like Zara, H&M, Gap, Topshop, and others release dozens of collections a year. A seemingly endless supply of designs multiplied by the thousands of locations worldwide adds up to an astronomical number of garments. Jen notes that consumer hesitations have been fueled by capitalistic conditioning on behalf of the companies it serves.

The average garment is only worn a handful of times. “We aren’t taught to make a connection to where our garments are coming from,” Jen says “sustainability starts to feel expensive since we are moving on to the next trend and not keeping clothes past [a few] wears anyway.”

To live “more sustainably” is daunting in and of itself. The payoffs can feel few and far between and individual choices can often seem futile. “The positive effects of conscious living aren’t always seen right away,” Jen goes on “to live more sustainably means to make changes and sometimes it may feel like these changes don’t make a difference. I’m just one person, if I use a reusable straw one time, what difference will it make?”

It wasn’t always second nature, Jen began her journey into sustainability after reading a slow article on slow fashion. “I really try to live by ‘when you know better, do better’ so once I became aware of the impact of fast fashion, I knew I had to make changes in my closet and lifestyle. I couldn’t “unknow” what I had just learned.”

Jen uses Instagram to offer approachable solutions and a fun narrative around making more conscious choices.

“My mission is to share what I know about slow fashion and to learn more from others. I’m not perfect and I’m always looking to learn more!”

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