Nature Love and Retro-Inspired Sustainability

Jul 14, 2020 | Ethical Production, Sustainable Fashion

Female founder alert! Based in Los Angeles, Daisy Christophel launched her eco-conscious brand Alpenglow Apparel in 2018. Drenched in dreamy, sunkissed colors, the brand’s small-batch assortment of casual T-shirts and sweatshirts feature nature-inspired designs that evoke a distinctly 70s vibe. That retro feel is a staple of her personal Instagram too, where this modern-day flower child shares her ongoing sustainability journey.

Growing up on a farm in a small town, Daisy never thought much about the environmental and health consequences our lifestyles could have.

“Everything *felt* natural and hand made; when I wanted produce, I ran to the garden,” she recalled.

That changed while attending Ohio State University, where she and her significant other were studying communications/public relations and environmental engineering, respectively. The conversations that consequently arose resulted in some quick realizations about consumerism and the prevalence of false marketing claims.

“This led to a journey of self-education and adjustments on hacking our life to be sustainable,” she said, “That all started in about 2013.”

Since then, Daisy has sought to become a resource for mindful living. Her public relations background makes her acutely aware of industry greenwashing, a lesson she routinely imparts on her followers. “We live in a world of consumerism where it’s so easy to check out (pun intended) brands spending thousands and sometimes millions on strategies to get us to think less and buy into their products.”

But Daisy’s focuses on individual change just as much as it does corporate change. Her approach to sustainability feels at once luxurious yet achievable, whether she’s walking you through a home dyeing project or showing off envy-inducing thrift store finds.

When she does buy new, you can be sure she’ll share the haul from any one of the ethical brands populating her closet. Some of Daisy’s favorites include Girlfriend Collective (“Perfect for hiking”), Whimsey + Row (“Their Flora Pant speaks to my 70s soul”), and Boyish Jeans (“I’m thankful they’re leading the charge on a staple we all have in our closets”).

The avid backpacker and national park-hopper is known for documenting her many road trips and jaw-droppingly gorgeous hikes. It’s obvious Daisy’s commitment to sustainability comes from the love and genuine sense of awe she feels for the planet, bringing a sunny sense of optimism to everything she posts. “I’m passionate about leading an intentional meaningful life that doesn’t harm the Earth and who lives here.”

This is not to say Daisy doesn’t take her activism seriously. She’s vocal about brands that don’t meet her high-standards for transparency and often speaks out via her social platform about the need to ensure marginalized communities receive the profits and protection they are due for their ideas. Ideas that are too often co-opted by others.

Ultimately, Daisy’s passion lies in simply living an intentional, meaningful life and she wants to help make that journey accessible to everyone.

“A clear resource like GoodHuman takes the work out of the process and makes sustainable choices easy and transparent! I truly believe once people feel the reward of knowing where our clothes come from and the impact their good choices make, more people will take pride in walking the walk, and we can start to change the broken systems.”

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