Choice Matters: Claggie’s Inclusive Sustainability On A Budget

Jul 19, 2020 | Ethical Production, Sustainable Fashion

A watercolorist, chocolatier, perfumer, and so much more, Kristine Claghorn (her friends call her Claggie) is a true multi-hyphenate. She tends to stick with the much simpler title of Creative Producer as her photography, videography, and art direction skills lead her to create social content for a range of major brands.

On top of all that, she runs an e-commerce thrift shop called Cabin. The result of a lifelong love of thrift that started back in her home state Indiana where she grew up in a literal log cabin (See what she did there?).

Thrifting was already a hobby of Claggie’s starting in high school, but while attending Indiana University Bloomington, she landed a job at a boutique called Cactus Flower that sold both new and vintage clothing. By the time she left the job after her senior year, she was in love and knew she would eventually return to working in vintage.

After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, where she started her work as a Creative Producer for a mix of agencies until recently going freelance.

Kristine Claghorn holds sign at peaceful protest

Her aesthetic is incredibly clean, airy and ethereal, similar to the lunar watercolor paintings she does on commission.

A little over two years ago, Claggie had a bit of a eureka moment while learning about China’s National Sword, a policy that bans the importing of certain types of solid waste. China is the world’s largest importer of scrap, so the decision has dramatically impacted global recycling systems.“It made me realize that I can’t just put something in a bin and think that it’s magically taken care of. It also prompted me to learn that I wasn’t recycling properly. After that, I just kept going down the research hole and couldn’t stop.”

Since then, Claggie has been using her voice for sustainability education, combining compelling statistics and product recommendations with actionable tips and tricks to combat problems from microplastics to food waste at any budget.

“Every decision we make has an impact, and that is a lot for people to wrap their minds around. It’s ok to be imperfect,” Claggie said, “I also think that a lot of zero waste and sustainable brands are not accessible to everyone. Not everyone can afford fancy take out containers—so we need to share options for all.”

Now that Claggie has made her full-circle return to working in vintage, she ties in her love for unique pieces to her broader sustainability mission by providing her followers with a dreamy curation of clothing and home decor. Her mission is simple; help others discover more sustainable alternatives that they will love and cherish for years to come.

“A clear resource like GoodHuman takes the work out of the process and makes sustainable choices easy and transparent!”

I truly believe once people feel the reward of knowing where our clothes come from and the impact their good choices make, more people will take pride in walking the walk, and we can start to change the broken systems.”

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