5 Clean Beauty Brands Revolutionizing Product Packaging

Aug 18, 2021 | Clean Beauty, plastic free, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Sustainable Packaging

by Victoria Caminiti.

Any beauty or skincare guru will tell you that finishing a product you love is sad enough, but what happens next can be a crucial part to the slow living transition. The reality is that there is an ugly side to the beauty industry when it comes to what your favorite product is packaged in. Too often, packaging is made of plastic, a non-biodegradable material that ends up in landfills and oceans. Each year, over 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the global beauty industry!

During the ‘90s, brands began to use more plastic as it was a cheaper option to the glass jars and tins that perfumes and creams once came in. Nearly three decades later, the whole world is paying the price as plastic builds up in landfills.

Clean beauty brands are doing more than just using natural ingredients and creating better supply chains for their products. They are revolutionizing product packaging and shifting to more sustainable options to better your beauty routine and the planet! 

Here is a round-up of five brands doing their part to reduce plastic waste and restructure the product packaging paradigm that the beauty industry has come all too familiar with.


Cocokind not only heard, but listened to consumers that expressed interest in knowing more about the sustainability options when it comes to their packaging. The newest packaging from the skincare brand features sustainability facts to provide complete transparency to consumers about the carbon footprint of the product. From pre-manufacturing stats to the distribution, all of the information is readily available. Now that’s a step towards feel good shopping!

Bolt Beauty

If you’ve ever poured too much of your favorite facial serum and felt wasteful, then the Bolt Beauty Capsules might be the very thing you need to complete your skincare routine. Products such as retinol and cleansing gel come encapsulated in tiny, cute, and perfectly portioned beads. When finished, just mix the empty capsule in hot water and watch as the biodegradable seaweed dissolves!

Plaine Products

We’ve made great progress in using reusable grocery bags and using reusable water bottles to keep us hydrated throughout the day, so why don’t we reuse the packaging that our favorite beauty products come in? Plaine Products is making the world less trashy with their line of body and hair care products packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum. Want more of these quality products, though? Once finished, just send back the empty bottle for a refill!

Elate Beauty

When it comes to plastic alternatives, plants will always be our favorite. Elate Beauty is a cosmetics company that is revolutionizing product packaging with the power of bamboo. They work closely with a green, fair trade manufacturer in China to create custom packaging for their makeup products such as the Universal Crème Blush or the Essential Mascara. These products are also refillable, so once you’ve hit the pan you can replace it with the same color or try something new!

Kjaer Weis

To the folks at Kjaer Weis, being a clean beauty brand isn’t just a marketing ploy. This luxury cosmetics brand uses 100% refillable, recyclable and compostable materials for all of its packaging. The brand empowers the consumer to pick not only the shade, but how it is packaged with the Intelligent Refill System to feel good about shopping.

With the innovative ideas from clean beauty brands, they are setting up the industry to be more sustainable as a whole. As small changes add up, consumers can expect better, more quality ingredients on the market, that are packaged in materials that are sustainably-sourced and easily recyclable.

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